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Boundless: Art Work by Abigail Dustin

Boundless. Oil on Canvas by Abigail Dustin, Grade 12.

Rinse, Repeat: Fiction by Jacob Webber

Fragile membranes between cell and cell rupture, acid building, temperature falling. Visibly still. Within there is a flood of living corrosion as enzyme upon enzyme spreads, devours. Muscles stiffen, temperature falling. Skin and muscle yield their fruit- small, fertile blisters,...
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November Storm: Poetry by Ryan Miller

Can you find me? The flame of time burns a halo around for all to see. From my locks to yours, Once again you are reminded for us there are no cures. Our final storm may now expire, Each drop...
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Willow-Wren: Music by Gavin Miller

—Gavin Miller, Grade 9.

Dragonfly: Photography by Hannah Bessette

—Hannah Bessette, Grade 11.

The Man Who Walked: Fiction by Peyton Aubin

The Man Who Walked with Giants In long strides he does walk, moving slowly and steadily through shaded wood. He walks and walks. Walking and more walking. He looks upon the trees and further ahead birds, deer and vultures circling....
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Self-Portrait: Art Work by Eric Borkiewicz

—Eric Borkiewicz, Grade 11.

Washed Up: Photography by Camille Corrado

—Camille Corrado, Grade 9.

Friend: Music by Abigail Dustin

—Abigail Dustin, Grade 12.

Mother, Oh Mother: Poetry by Lillian Bates

Mother, oh Mother, listen to my melodies, of hurting cries and broken memories. Mother, it hurts and Mother, I weep, about everything you have done to me. Mother, oh, Mother, my body aches, from rejected love and burning hate. Memories...
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Hope: Photography by Benny Wang

—Benny Wang, Grade 10.

From the Trail: Music by Abigail Dustin and Jacob Webber

—Abigail Dustin, Grade 12. —Jacob Webber, Grade 12.

Stairs: Poetry by Celeste Fournier

Stairs: I live in a house with stairs now and everything is changing. When trying to recall the last time I was stable, was somewhere stable, my memory comes up vacant. I’m not sure if now is forever, but it...
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Self-Portrait: Art Work by Haley Carr

—Haley Carr, Grade 12.

Darkness: Poetry by Autumn Cassell

Darkness Her smile had disappeared. The darkness has taken over. She claimed the sun was blocked out no more than a few months ago. And that was when she knew she’d be stuck in the dark forever. I told her...
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Animated Comedy: A Film by Zachary Bertram

The following animated film was done by Zachary Bertram, Grade 10:

Girl at Sunset: Art Work by Danielle Chaput

—Danielle Chaput, Grade 10.

Photography by Kaitlin Birlin

—Kaitlin Birlin, Grade 9.

Sacrifice: Short Story by Danielle Chaput

He pedaled speedily towards the hospital, being careful to dodge fire hydrants and potholes in the sidewalk. Alastor noticed the vibrant red sky and admired its beauty. It was an unusual sunrise, and even though he wasn’t one for superstition,...
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Self Portrait: Art Work by KayLynn LaFemina

—Kaylynn LaFemina, Grade 11.

Chinchilla: Short Fiction Noelle Ciccarelli

“I swear, I don’t know how I acquired 99 chinchillas. Well, actually, here’s the thing— you know how much I love animals”, I started, as I felt my mother’s eyes burning a hole into my head. “So chinchillas are cute,...
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Released: Fiction by Noelle Ciccarelli

Deafening shrieks, muffled by rumbling growls and the awful feeling that something evil is watching me. I don’t remember much before I got here, but I do know that I’m Anna Kilre, and I’m a ghost…sort of. I’m not dead,...
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Pen Sketch by Lillian Mandeville

—Lillian Mandeville, Grade 12.

The Key: Fiction by Shawna Cudworth

The wind whistled through the leafs, the trees swaying in union. The blue, crystal lake water lapping against the shore. Birds chirped over head as they flew by, a flash of greens and purples. The old swing set sitting near...
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Photography by Lily Patenaude

—Lily Patenaude, Grade 9.

The Road that Extends for Miles: Fiction by Noelle Ciccarelli

The Road That Extends For Miles; a familiar path which I take every day. The streetlights breathe yellow lighting on the forgotten road, as the autumn wind hauls my heavy feet for what feels like ages. My shadow is beside...
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Self-Portrait: Art Work by Ethan Thorpe

—Ethan Thorpe, Grade 11.

Poetry by Olivia Burrell

City of Fire As I walked away from Life as I knew it My city of fire My burning town I looked to the sky And thought A marvelous thought Of freedom And truth Not far away But not yet...
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There was no Song of Thought: Fiction by Peyton Aubin

The sweet song was played off of the beautiful harp that was crafted with the most beautiful and shining white marble from the farthest corner of the Faegrin mountain range, and was gilded in pure gold. The strings all 47...
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Responsibility: Painting by Abigail Dustin

—Abigail Dustin, Grade 12.

Poetry by Aria Gianfriddo

Alone Music speaks When I cannot Pictures smile When I forgot Now I sit Alone in thought Music Music Music is Night Music is day Just push play And drift away These words reused In different ways Never enough words...
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Nostalgia: Poetry by Azya Thornton

Never able to stop Ourselves from getting too Stuck in a moment in Time that was never meant last. As humans, this is how we hurt Live inside our own makeshift memories, Getting too attached to temporary times. I find...
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Photography by Jacob Webber

—Jacob Webber, Grade 12

This Will Do: Short Fiction by Peyton Aubin

A sad cloud cried all it could onto the ground and onto a great mountain range, the water flowed throughout the mountain and flowed into the rivers below. Until the cloud could not cry anymore, for he was all water...
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Coward: Fiction by Ame Tsamaase

Before I know it, I am plummeting through the air; colors flash before my eyes, limbs tumble over one another, wind screeches around me. I quickly thrust out in hope to grab onto something – anything – to slow down...
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Beowulf: A translation excerpt by Jacob Webber

Beowulf- The Tale of Scyld Scefing Behold! We of the spear-bearing Danes have heard Tell of the glory of the royal kings in days of old, How those noblemen carried out their courageous acts! Often would Scyld Scefing deny hosts...
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The Tree in the Yard: Poetry by Izzy DuBois

I was just bigger than a sapling when you were born. I could see you through the window, A baby swaddled in blankets and her parents’ love. You hated the feeling of grass on your feet When you first started...
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You Shall Bear: Fiction by Nora Guszkowski

Rousseau thought that society was corrupting people’s fundamental goodness and that everyone ought to live in solitude with their feelings. Dusk is a few minutes from falling, and the setting sun, at an angle behind you, has covered the trees...
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Photography by Morgan Zajac

—Morgan Zajac, Grade 11.

Scale Change Project: Art Work by Aria Gianfriddo

—Aria Gianfriddo, Grade 11.

A Melting Rose: Art Work by Katie MacAlister

—Katie MacAlister, Grade 12.

Realm of Joy: Art Work by Abigail Dustin

—Abigail Dustin, Grade 12.

Life Within: Art Work by Abigail Dustin

—Abigail Dustin, Grade 12.

Drawing by Khe Nguyen

—Khe Nguyen, Grade 10.