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The Writer and the Thinker—Non-Fiction by Peyton Aubin

Y’all gather ‘round, so I can pass on the somewhat true story of the Writer and the Thinker. The story starts in a classroom where the Writer has met the Thinker and many others. Some of the students in the...
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Remix of Owls—Art work by Cassandra Gallant

Remix on Owls was done using paint, paper, transfers, tape and wood. —Cassandra Gallant, Grade 11.

Hansel and Gretel—Art work by Molly Harrington

This drawing was done with charcoal on 20″x30″ paper, and is inspired by the story of Hansel and Gretel. My intention was to portray a feeling of anxiety and tension. —Molly Harrington, Grade 12

Zeppelins and Hot Air Balloons—Art work by Stephanie Nielson

A giant girl holding zeppelins and hot air ballons in a field as if they were balloons. —Stephanie Nielson, Grade 11.

Fantasies of a Child Paper World–Fiction by Peyton Aubin

The Child looks down at the great and painstakingly crafted world that was paper. Most of it  is white paper except the cardboard box that entrapped the origami birds, trees, hills, and dinosaurs. That were fixed by glue to a...
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Akamina—Art work by Abigail Dustin

Painting by Abigail Dustin, Grade 11.

Bismuth Crystal Collage—Art work by Connor Huda

Mixed Media—Connor Huda, Grade 11.

The Mind of I—Non-fiction by Peyton Aubin

I awake like any normal day, thinking of the dreams I just had, or trying to remember the dreams I forgot and want so fondly to remember or in some cases not. I start my daily routine, but this is...
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Color for Me—Poetry by Mikayla Jaques

Color for Me Growing up my favorite color was green. It had to be green, Green was the color for me. That’s what I was told. Friends would point at green and say, “That’s a nice shade of green.” I...
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Day’s end—Poetry by Abigail Dustin

Day’s End We are all walking West Into colors bright

The Drowning Artist—Poetry by Abigail Dustin

The Drowning Artist My creativity is wasting away I cannot feed it what it needs to think freely, My currency is time and in this, I live in poverty, each day The tick, tick, tick of time which pounds my...
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Chimera—Art Work by Kathleen O’Connor

My piece of artwork depicts an old western actor distant from both reality and his mind. —Kathleen O’Connor, Grade 11

By Blood—Poetry by Allyson Colburn

By Blood Days. Days and weeks, And months and years. Thousands of miles, Separate me from home. Time and distance, Keep me from the ones I love. But for them, It is better that I am away. I am fighting...
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A Ballerina—Art work by Rose Wood

Anatomy of a Sunflower—Art work by Isabel O’Neill

Mixed media using paint, collage and transfers, Isabel O’Neill, Grade 12

The Siege of Saguntum—Music by Jonathan Mustis

This piece visualizes a peaceful day going sour as an army attempts to evade the present kingdom. The piece starts as calm and soothing, but quickly shifts to ominous as the army approaches. Then, the chaos begins, causing the piece...
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St. Patrick’s Cathedral—Photography by Ran He

This is a photograph of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. It is the most famous church in New York City fifth avenue. It hides in the high luxuriant buildings to show the history of America, and its graceful, gothic structure which attracted...
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The Legend of the Hill of Baratani —Short Story by Ame Tsamaase

The Hill of Lovers A true account on one of Africa’s greatest mysteries Every weekend my father grew tired of city life and together, as a family, we would venture out into the countryside. To do so, we would have...
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I Blame This School—Poetry by Mikayla Jaques

I Blame This School I blame this school for giving me stress. For making me stress over homework and tests. I blame this school for my lack of sleep. For making me wake up at the crack of dawn every...
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Intrepid—Art work by Abigail Dustin

Painting by Abigail Dustin, Grade 11

Shining Star of Bethlehem—Fiction and Poetry by Dalton Hawie

1: Shining Star of Bethlehem For That Shining Star of Bethlehem. My guiding light. That peddled beauty, through the sand sea it swam. Polite like the boy who called you “ma’am” Guiding us through this deepening night. For that Shining...
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Peach—Music by Daniel (Alex) Antunes

Original song and lyrics by Daniel (Alex) Antunes, Grade 11.

Fall Contest Winners and Submissions

We were very excited to have a large number of submissions for our fall themed contest. The winners are: Writing: To the Man with the Lighter—Poetry by Ryan Miller, Grade 11. To the man with the lighter, As it would...
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Glass—Art Work by Ben Adase