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    The Collected Poems of W.B. Yeats: Poetry Review by Maya Fraga

    I have never really considered myself an avid poetry enthusiast. To be perfectly honest, until recently the world of poetry was a foreign concept; the notion of spending my time reading it was almost outlandish. And then my British literature...
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    Acadia: Music by Jonathan Mustis

    This composition is meant to create a sense of awe and wonder through its rhythms and dynamics. I imagined a sweeping landscape of mountains, oceans, and forests, so I figured I would name it after the Acadia National Park in...
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    Ruminate: Art work by Abigail Dustin

    Ruminate.  Art work by Abigail Dustin Grade 11.

    An Island to Live: Fiction by Peyton Aubin

    An Island to Live I. The Third Life to Live In a village not far off the mainland lays an island of great wonder and great secrets. All that could be known about this island was that it is dangerous...
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    Day in the Life: Poetry by Allyson Colburn

    A normal day. On duty. The day has been silent, No pleas for help. Cleaning the station, Washing the apparatus, Checking, And double checking our equipment. In an instant, The day is silent no more. A resounding tone blares. We...
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    Daybreak: Poetry by Olivia Burrell

    A whisper is carried from far, far away Brought to my ears in the gentlest way Orange and yellow bleed through the sky Forming a blend of the loveliest shade Over the mountains and the tallest of trees Comes a...
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    Eyes on the Prize: Artwork by Abigail Dustin

    Eyes on the Prize—Abiigail Dustin, Grade 11.

    Gnomes: Poetry by Celeste Fournier

    As a kid, I thought that a gnome lived in my house. I imagined he stole little things; Like socks and charms and the pieces of puzzles we lose overtime. When I grew up, he was replaced by a thief...
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    Ars Moriendi: Fiction by Jake Webber

    When did the snow begin to fall? Sable trees poured down like ink from the cobalt clouds above, burying themselves in snow. The few branches that still sported leaves were far outnumbered by those that lay exposed in the freezing...
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    Drapery in Charcoal: Artwork by Olivia Burrell

    Drapery—Olivia Burrell, Grade 10.

    Sorry: Poetry by Mikayla Jaques

    I’m sorry I’m not this perfect girl, A girl you can stick in your box. A box of stereotypes. I don’t wear pink and purple. I don’t wear frilly shirts. I don’t wear skirts or dresses. I have never painted...
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    Onions: Fiction by Erin Raymond

    It starts with Van Morrison. His voice has texture; it’s slightly displeasing, but raw and alluring, like the onions he is frying. I never liked onions, but they work their way into a recipe in a way that makes it...
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    Red Winter Rose: Photography by Morgan Zajac

    Red Winter Rose—Morgan Zajac, Grade 10.

    The Doors Speak About Me, The Bars Call My Name: Fiction by Peyton Aubin

    Ticking of a clock I hear in the background. Every second a tick, the arrow of time as I see it, flows back into itself with no end in sight. The fog collects on my eyes, blurring my vision. So...
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    The Vice of Vestigial Limbs: Artwork by Molly Harrington

    The Vice of Vestigial Limbs—Molly Harrington, Grade 12.

    Fade: Poetry by Abigail Dustin

    Please don’t make me watch the sunset fade The brilliant blues overtaken by a bruised-lavender, smothering gray The tangerines rotted to murky puddles on clouds, transcendent, turned firm and hollow The roses folded on dusky edges feathered hedges that filled...
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    Ice: Music by Benjamin Adase

    I wrote this piece in the coldest part of winter. I felt isolated and disconnected from the world, but at the same time, I drew peace from it. This song is about the freedom that comes with being alone. —Benjamin...
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    For You My Friend, With Love: Poetry by Allyson Colburn

    A day when you no longer live, My friend, Is the day, That will forever change me. Without you, I would be without a shoulder to cry on, Without a friend to hug. Without a friend to cherish, Without a...
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    The Snow that Killed the Spring: Fiction by Jake Webber

    The world was awakening from the frigid desuetude of winter, stretching the torpor from its limbs with the green sigh of a yawn. A thin sweep of snow blanketed the hills, kissing the deciduous treetops of the great forests; the...
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    Cleopatra’s Daughter: Book Review by Maya Fraga

    When trying to come to a decision of which book to review, I stumbled across a conflict (a serious moral dilemma) tearing me between the amazing literature I have had the luxury of reading: “Jane Eyre”, “The Color Purple”, “Grendel”,...
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    Wrinkled Disgust: Sculpture by Molly Harrington

    “This piece is a full-scale head clay sculpture that was done over the course of two months. It is supposed to represent the feeling of disgust and arrogance.” —Molly Harrington, Grade 12.

    To Read Without Eyes: A Film by Thayne Hutchins

    To Read Without Eyes, a film by Thayne Hutchins, Grade 11.

    The Magic of Woodstock Academy: Photography by Morgan Zajac

    The Magic of Woodstock Academy—Morgan Zajac, Grade 10.

    Tandem: Artwork by Abigail Dustin

    Tandem—Abigail Dustin, Grade 11.

    When the Lights Go Out: Fiction by Olivia Burrell

    Darkness has descended on the small room of young Carrie Withers. This had always been the most feared time of day and she dreaded it each evening. Many nights she relies on the bright moon to peek into her bedroom,...
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    Lightning: Artwork by Molly Harrington

    “This piece is a mono print that I made to convey the feeling of sudden surprise or shock and awe.” —Molly Harrington, Grade 12.

    The In-Between: Poetry by Abigail Dustin

    When I am falling softly asleep I will myself away, it is the only moment where existence daydreams. The subtle spiral of thought, of things that blow in the head, paper and leaves! far away, an intangible reach— They are...
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    Fog: Photography by Peyton Aubin

    Fog—Peyton Aubin, Grade 10.