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Growth by Molly Harrington Cover Art 2015-2016 Publication

Growth by Molly Harrington Cover Art 2015-2016

Much like The Woodstock Academy itself, The Deep End has a long and rich tradition. No one can quite remember when it was founded and it has gone through various phases as The Academy has grown and expanded. Our current mission is to publish a wide variety of literature, art and music which represent a broad spectrum of student talent from across The Academy. The Fall 2016 edition was our first digital edition and last year we also published a spring digital edition. There was, of course, a printed version at the end of the 2016-2017 which included the best work from all editions. In the 2017-2018 school ear we will also have two digital editions (Fall and Spring) an print edition that is an anthology of all the best work from the year.  Please check the website often for submission guidelines as well as contents for which students can win prizes.

Jacob Webber, Senior
Abigail Dustin, Senior
Dalton Hawie, Senior
Jake Webber, Senior
Olivia Burrell, Junior
Peyton Aubin, Junior
Morgan Zajac, Junior
Lydia Smith, Junior
Audrey Ledbetter, Sophomore

Faculty Advisor:
Melissa Beck, Latin Teacher and World Language Dept. Chair