For You My Friend, With Love: Poetry by Allyson Colburn

A day when you no longer live,
My friend,
Is the day,
That will forever change me.
Without you,
I would be without a shoulder to cry on,
Without a friend to hug.
Without a friend to cherish,
Without a friend to support.
Without a friend to love,
I will be lost.
Lost to the world,
But more importantly,
Lost to myself.

You may not see your beauty,
But I do.
You are beautiful,
You are sweet,
You are caring.
You are always there,
And I,
Will always be there,
For you.
Because you,
Are loved.
You my friend,
Always have been,
And always will be beautiful.

Do not give up on yourself,
For I,
Will not give up on you.
I will not,
Because your life,

You have people,
Like me,
Who love you,
And cherish your presence.

Please don’t choose to leave,
For I will be lost without you.
If you should go,
Just know,
You will still be loved.
My love for you will not falter,
Only strengthen.
I may not understand why
You made that choice,
But I will never forget you.

With love,
From a friend.

—Allyson Colburn, Grade 12.